Lisa Onvani

Owner, Lisa Onvani Art




I was born in Dallas, and have lived in DFW all my life.  I was raised by a father who was and artist and learned much from him.  I am currently married, have 3 grown sons, plus grandchildren.  Since retirement, I seek to spend as much time as possible in my art. 

“I have enjoyed oil and acrylic painting all my life, mostly on canvas.  I have branched out into stained glass, ceramics, and other types of art, but I always come back to painting.  Also, I have gained experience in pen and ink and pencil drawings, which I love.

About a year ago, I began immersion in watercolors.  I absolutely love this medium and, having never tried it before, I was overjoyed to channel my creative impulses into yet another medium.  I am looking forward to widening my horizons through my participation in the Mansfield Art Association, meeting more artists, and getting involved on a much bigger horizon.”