For our first project, we got organized!



Mansfield, TX


2nd half of 2018


Incorporation Team
New members


Our nominating committee interviewed, and has recommended, an initial slate of officers for the fledgling 2019 Board of Directors:
President—Linda Roman
1st Vice President—Pepper Crary
2nd Vice President—Dave Goodwin
Secretary—Terri Eagan
Treasurer—Lisa Onvani

At the January 2019 meeting of the general membership, all will be asked to install this slate of officers, plan 2019 events, and volunteer to help us move forward toward our goals.

Beginning in the second half of 2018, we held a number of meetings with artists who were interested in helping to form the MAA. We formed a Planning Committee, and with the the help of other folks who have done this before, they hammered out our vision and mission statements, by-laws, a logo (thank you, Rick Sales!), garnered web addresses, Facebook and Twitter page names, and other things necessary to operate a non-profit organization in the age of the Web.

Membership voted and approved the proposed vision and mission statements, by-laws, and logo, and we proceeded to build our web page and social pages. Our Planning Committee obtained the bank account that we needed to accept membership dues and donations, as well as pay for initial services.